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03 Jul

We really did not need another cat, though it was a situation I had a hard time saying “no” to, especially since everybody else cranked so hard on the house de-cluttering/summer cleaning project. The story itself is notable; you see, Phoenix is the littermate of Lukin, the eldest child’s cat who didn’t work out as an ESA, but is a perfectly fine, if surly, pet. The two of them came in to the shelter system together, getting moved around a bit before being adopted to different families. For whatever reason, the folks who adopted Phoenix returned her (they said they “weren’t satisfied with their purchase”….jerks), and our friends at the shelter (where my lovely spouse and the youngest child volunteer) let us know that she’d come back.

So, she came home with us, because honestly, she deserves better treatment than that.

Once she get settled (we’ve got her isolated in the master bedroom for now, as is proper, especially since she’s got some unsurprising anxiety issues to work through, given her experiences the last few months), she’ll be reunited with her sibling, which just feels right.

For my part, I pretty much fell in love within like five minutes; she’s very sweet and affectionate, even given her current stress levels. I cannot imagine why those other fools returned her – they clearly do not recognize greatness in felinity.

Of course, the situation remains that we currently have FIVE cats living with us, which I’m just going to have to get used to.


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