friday random elevenish: “bureaucratic avalanche” edition

12 Jul

My life this week has been defined primarily by the never-ending fountain of documents related to the acquisition nightmare I’ve gotten yanked into by the boss. This should be a relatively easy thing, but this particular effort has been kicked back by the review board three times now, and the strategy has been changed just as many times because the policy shop can’t make up their mind.


I’ve been so deep into this business, and apparently carrying so much of the load on preparing this stuff* that my boss actually offered me the opportunity to jump into the role of procurement document shepherd full-time; I told him I was going to think about it; I’ve finally gotten my shop to the point where it doesn’t require much guidance (and some of the efforts I have in the pipeline are going to make it all but go away in the next year if all goes well), plus, odds are I’m going to be doing this shit anyway, regardless of what happens. I’m seriously considering it, since if I’m going to be doing all this stuff anyway (as seems likely), so I might as well let the other thing go. I still need to think on things, as I’ve gotten very used to this giant office in my own building, and I might end up losing it; gotta see what the impact of that would be. Also, part of me (probably the masochist part) wants to see pieces of that parenthetical effort above through to the end. Oh well; something to think about – the new thing the boss is talking about wouldn’t change the salary at all, and is actually closer to the skills in my particular wheelhouse. More to come; I’ve got some thinking to do.

Otherwise, it’s been pretty much the usual hike/bike/clean/pet the cat thing, along with some extra nerves due to the stuff described above. I did, however, thanks to an empty house for a few hours Wednesday night, get some serious recording for the theoretical album done, knocking out a couple of scratch tracks for new tunes, and did a couple of better vocal takes on some others. This is feeling like it might actually turn into something one of these days.

Looking to the weekend, the house is going to be a bit empty, as the girls are heading out of town for that dance competition. The teenage boy and I have some gaming on the agenda with the folks at the game store, but otherwise, I plan on doing very little; I could use it.

As for the playlist, I shuffled the Spotify “discovery” list, which is surprisingly good, as I’ve finally started training this particular service on my tastes. A little heavy on the 80s Alternative at the expense of other things, but it’s kinda neat. Go rock:

  1. “If I Can’t Change Your Mind” – Sugar
  2. “Having An Average Weekend” – Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
  3. “Don’t Do Me Like That” – J Mascis
  4. “Gray Cell Green” – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
  5. “Up All Night” – The Boomtown Rats
  6. “Dragon Butter” – Wasnatch
  7. “Dear Prudence” – Siouxie and the Banshees
  8. “Sea of Heatbreak” – Meat Puppets
  9. “Alone Again Or” – The Damned
  10. “Head On” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
  11. “Take the Skinheads Bowling” – Camper Van Beethoven
  12. “Hey Sandy” – Polaris
  13. “Feed The Tree” – Belly


* – as I posted on social media earlier this week:

Remember how much group projects in school used to suck because certain individuals didn’t hold up their end of things?

Here’s a secret…they suck just as badkly in the workplace; moreso, even, given all the “rah rah” multifunctional business team propaganda they continually feed us. <<angry swearing emoji face>>

I’m already tired of doing all the heavy lifting on this one. <<middle finger emoji>>

yes, this is pretty much my life right now.


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