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Hi. I'm Chuck.

Welcome to the latest iteration of my web site, in all it's turn-of-the-century design glory.

Actually, I've had a web site of some flavor on line since 1994 or so, when I was one of the first folks at my college to figure out how to make my personal directory visible to the world at large, or at least those with a copy of Netscape or Mosaic. This particular project has been rolling, more or less, since 2002; at least that's what the archives that haven't been lost to the ages say.

This particular page itself is largely vestigial; all the real action these days happens over on my blog. If you wish to see my latest ranting and commentary, that'll be the place to look.

A little about me: I'm a thirtysomething computer guy who works for a large federal agency. I have a wife, a trio of kids, and a small herd of pets of the feline and ichthyoid varieties.

My hobbies fall into the general "geek" milieu: computers, comics, books, movies, music, gaming (video and tabletop varieties), sci-fi and fantasy, and all that stuff. I also play several musical instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica, and a smattering of others), occasionally try my hand at writing fiction, and enjoy hiking and camping (which meshes well with my role as cub scout leader). I'm also reasonably active in democratic/liberal politics nationally and in the area in which I live.

I talk about all these things, and more, several times a week, at, though I believe I mentioned that.

In any case, thank you for visiting!

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